I say NO MORE because: when I was young, I was a victim of repeated sexual assault (by my father) from the age of 6 or so, until his death when I was 10. I went to live with grandparents who were physically and verbally abusive often, and after a couple of years, the sexual abuse was continued by my uncle until I was 18 and moved away. I had three very physically abusive relationships before I met my current husband…who taught me that I had worth, and helped me find myself and heal, along with therapy. My son’s friend was in a controlling relationship. He tried to get her to leave, and I also offered all the help I could. Katelyn’s boyfriend shot and killed her on August 20th, 2014. I vowed I would speak up whenever I could, hopefully to prevent another tragedy, another loss of life. I do this in memory of Vermont’s Katelyn McFadden. 11/29/93- 8/20/14


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