Virus May Stop but Domestic Violence Will Not – We Must Act Now

By: The Rt Hon Baroness Patricia Scotland QC

Scientists across the world are working around the clock to supply a vaccine that could halt this devastating pandemic. Yet this deadly virus has once again highlighted how we also desperately need a cure for a completely different disease – one which will sadly outlive Covid-19.

For many terrified women, the fear of a silent virus may pass, but the screams, the beatings and the ever-present threat of violence will remain. Forced coexistence and economic pressures have resulted in domestic violence increasing at alarmingly high rates since the virus entered our lives.

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About the writer:

The Rt Hon Baroness Patricia Scotland QC, born in Dominica, is secretary-general of the Commonwealth of Nations. She is the first woman to hold the post. Previously, she was Her Majesty’s Attorney General in the UK (the first woman to hold the post) and served as a minister in Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s governments.


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